English عن التحالف اتصل بنا العدد 15 - مارس 2017 الرئيسسة
المقال الافتتاحي
What Good Is Habitat III?
Six months have passed since the adoption of the new Habitat Agenda commitments for the next 20 years as embodied in the adoption of the final version of the New Urban Agenda in October 2016. Meanwhile, the same government practices continue and have not reflected any intention to end forced evictions, displacement of hundreds of poor neighborhood families living in المزيد
تطورات اقليمية
Remembering Palestine in 2017
Nothing was new in the New Year 2017 for the besieged habitat of Palestine, which continues to run the gamut of habitat rights issues characterizing land conflicts. In 2017, Palestine freshly reminds us of the full range of possible violations of the most-fundamental human rights and peremptory norms of international law and world order. The further development of global norms, المزيد

تطورات عالمية
The Right to Land Takes-off
You won’t find it mentioned in its working agenda yet, but the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) already is facing the need to apply its treaty-interpretation mandate in response to the pattern of so many land-related issues in states’ implementation—and violation—of the International Covenant on Economic, social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR). The development of a new المزيد

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