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International Service Award Winner - BCNPHA

HIC Member Rooftops Canada/Abri International (RC/AI) is very pleased to announce that the British Columbia Non-Profit Housing Association (BCNPHA) is the winner of the biennial 2022 International Services Award presented to a member of the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association for its contributions to international development through Rooftops Canada.

BCNPHA has played a key role in strengthening RC/AI’s work with the social housing sector in South Africa. It has hosted many social-housing leaders from South Africa and provided scholarships to attend BCNPHA provincial conferences and participate in training opportunities. It shared information with RC/AI’s South African partners and posted articles about joint work with RC/AI. This collaboration has helped promote Rooftops Canada’s programs among their members. which ultimately has helped strengthen RCAI’s work everywhere.

Thanks and congratulations to BCNPHA.

See a video about this wonderful partnership.

Photo: South African social housing leaders with Kate Melliship (center) at the 2017 BC Central Housing Conference. Source: Rooftops Canada/Abri International.


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