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What Good Is Habitat III?
Six months have passed since the adoption of the new Habitat Agenda commitments for the next 20 years as embodied in the adoption of the final version of the New Urban Agenda in October 2016. Meanwhile, the same government practices continue and have not reflected any intention to end forced evictions, displacement of hundreds of More
Regional Developments
Remembering Palestine in 2017
Nothing was new in the New Year 2017 for the besieged habitat of Palestine, which continues to run the gamut of habitat rights issues characterizing land conflicts. In 2017, Palestine freshly reminds us of the full range of possible violations of the most-fundamental human rights and peremptory norms of international law and world order. The More

Solidarity for Local Democracy in Southeast Turkey
Since last year, HIC-HLRN has been alerted and alerting on the situation of violence and conflict in southeast Turkey, the predominantly Kurdish region, and its effects on the population’s human rights, in particular housing, land and cultural property rights. Recent developments and events are not reassuring. After being alerted by Turkish human rights activists, in June More

Sanctuary in the City Beirut
HIC-HLRN and Amel Association from Lebanon are implementing their joint project “Sanctuary in the City: Beirut” to give voice to the experience of local governance in the refugee and displacement crisis, while promoting the principles of the “right to the city” and Human Rights Cities. The project, currently at its mid-term, is developing a professional More

Toward Documenting Justice and Remedy of Gross Violations of Yemenis’ Rights
Three years have passed since 2014, and Yemen continues to suffer from the simultaneous instability and armed conflict between the former regime of Ali Abdallah Saleh and the internationally recognized government of Abd Rabbo Hadi, the entry of the Ansar al-Houthi group into armed conflict in support of Saleh`s regime. Since the entry of the More

Right to Water Forum in the Arab Region – 2 "Water is a public property and a basic human right"
As part of mobilizing efforts and social initiatives in the Arab region to develop an alternative agenda in the face of global government policies on water resource management, economic transformation and the introduction of neoliberal programs and policies and international financial markets, the Right to Water Forum in the Arab Region (RWFAR) has regained momentum More

International Developments
The Right to Land Takes-off
You won’t find it mentioned in its working agenda yet, but the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) already is facing the need to apply its treaty-interpretation mandate in response to the pattern of so many land-related issues in states’ implementation—and violation—of the International Covenant on Economic, social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR). More
Security Council Resolution 2334
The last year closed with the Security Council’s clear reaffirmation of the illegality of the settler colonies and associated regime that the State of Israel maintains in the occupied Palestinian territory. The new resolution S/RES/2334 of 23 December 2016 was the first such resolution in eight years, with the USA, this time, withholding its veto More

The Landless Constituency
The number of people considered landless number in the hundreds of millions across all regions. In India, for example, as many as 307 million rural people are considered landless. In Bangladesh, almost 4.5 million are landless. Landless People`s Movement of South Africa is composed of rural people and people living in shack settlements in cities, More

Gains and Losses of Habitat III
Whenever a global policy comes under periodic review and reconsideration, that process holds the prospect of both shedding former principles and enshrining new ones. The new formulation does not promise to be more progressive or more appropriate than its predecessor, despite popular expectations. Rather, it often involves a struggle to salvage former achievements, while seeking More

Declaring Peasant Rights
Peasants and small-scale farmers have been the backbone of our food systems since time immemorial. Meanwhile, often they have been subjected to land grabbing, displacements, dispossession, criminalization and other abuses in every region of the globe. Despite the promises that came with the dawn of human rights, peasants have not yet benefited from the protection More

Financialization of Land and Housing
Habitat International Coalition (HIC) welcomed the report on housing financialization of the UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing at the recent 34th session of the UN Human Rights Council. HIC has long been part of civil society movements heralding the danger to human rights, particularly the right to adequate housing, of the financialization of housing More


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