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Terminology Corner
Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS)

This standard is comprised of nine commitments to people affected by crises. The CHS sets out nine commitments to ensure that organizations support people and communities affected by crisis and vulnerability in ways that respect their rights and dignity and promote their primary role in finding solutions to the crises they face.
The CHS is a globally recognized, measurable standard. It promotes equitable and collaborative relations between people and communities and those working to support them. It aims to address power imbalances. It is relevant and applicable for all those who individually or collectively work to support people and communities. It can be used as a framework to:​

  • Enable people and communities to hold those who support them to account.
  • Improve the quality and accountability of organizations and their work.
  • Assess and verify organizations’ performance and demonstrate their learning journey toward meeting the CHS commitments.
  • Promote collective efforts to ensure quality and accountability.

The nine commitments describe what people and communities in situations of crisis and vulnerability can expect from those that support them. The commitments complement each other and are all essential elements of the CHS. Each commitment is accompanied by requirements that describe what needs to be done to ensure it is met when supporting people and communities.

People and communities in situations of crisis and vulnerability:

  1. Can exercise their rights and participate in actions and decisions that affect them;
  2. Access timely and effective support in accordance with their specific needs and priorities;
  3. Are better prepared and more resilient to potential crises;
  4. Access support that does not cause harm to people or the environment;
  5. Can safely report concerns and complaints and get them addressed;
  6. Access coordinated and complementary support;
  7. Access support that is continually adapted and improved based on feedback and learning;
  8. Interact with staff and volunteers that are respectful, competent and well-managed;
  9. Can expect that resources are managed ethically and responsibly.

To successfully meet the nine commitments and accompanying requirements, organizations must have the enabling environment to support the systematic application of the CHS.

For more information, see The Core Humanitarian Standard(2024)

المعيار الأساسي الانساني بشأن الجودة والمساءلة (2024)



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