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Terminology Corner
Human Rights Habitat

is the most general and, thus, inclusive operative term that embraces the gamut of human rights in any kind of human settlement, social context or living space. Its components include the interaction among the natural environment, vital resources such as land, water and food for human livelihood, as well as the built environment at any scale. The quintessential values of the human rights habitat concept are at once biological and social, material and ethical. The protection and preservation of environmental values and measures to sustain social justice are core operational principles to a human rights habitat, whether in a forest dwelling, a pastoral setting, an informal settlement, or across a megacity.

The inclusivity and versatility of this general concept distinguishes it as generally applicable and devoid of any discrimination on the basis of geography, decent, work or livelihood, or any point on the rural-urban continuum. Therefore, the human rights habitat concept and its application also overarch other approaches to more-specific kinds of communities.


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