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Kenya Social Movement Network (KSM-Net)

Kenya Social Movement Network (KSM-Net) is a collective of community-led social movements formed in Kenya’s informal settlements. It was established in the 2011, after the promulgation of the Kenya Constitution 2010, as a vehicle to mobilize communities, movements and related networks under one umbrella that communities could draw on for advocacy action on matters land and housing.

Membership: Over the years, KSM-Net members have acquired experience in community organizing and people-based advocacy, working with small CBOs and local and international NGOs to reach the neediest and vulnerable segments of the society in people’s settlements in key cities and towns of Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret and Garissa among others. KSM-Net has partnered with these groups to access and share information and to improve their ability to manage and sustain economic resources.

Partnership: KSM-Net, works in collaboration with state and non-state actors, the private sector, academic and research intuitions, communities and donor agencies. to champion and promote the human rights of the most-vulnerable and marginalized segments of society.

Knowledge Transfer: KSM-Net has extensive experience in community organizing, facilitation and networking to enhance strategic engagement with authorities to remedy problems in the land and housing sector. All activities within KSM-Net include a design focus on mainstreaming the cross-cutting issues of gender, persons with disability and children in its entire program.

Approach: KSM-Net applies the human rights-based approach (HRBA) as a means of rallying communities to address wider socio-economic issues related to development. KSM-Net’s unique approach goes way beyond providing basic skills and knowledge required to change member their lives for the better. Experience has proved that effective community organizing and mobilization can lead to genuine representative democracy, fair leadership and accountability for collective management of community resources. This approach is based on knowledge and skills that ultimately achieve real development of people and enhance their ability to take increasing control over the resources and decisions that directly affect their lives.

KSM-Netoperation and structures are based on four main programs: Information sharing, research, dissemination, advocacy, capacity building and networking. An example of KSM-Net action is found in the article “Remedy for Mukuru Kwa Njenga” in this issue of Land Times/أحوال الأرض.




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